Rencana TTDI is a Home Away from Home

There are a lot of offers you will get from this Rencana Royale TTDI commercial development that will make you feel as if you are at home while at work. First of all, you will have access to different types of suites that give the required relaxation and comfort for a working environment. The suites range from executive suites, storey garden suites to deluxe suites. When doing business, or working, you will use the cozy spaces within the suites for ensuring that your needs are met. Your taste will be optimized because any office that you prefer working from is available. If you want small and private working suites, you will have them, and if you want luxurious rooms with a classy ambiance, you will also have access to them.


You will access all areas around the city because Rencana TTDI has a genuine connection as a result of being close to the LDP highway and the link of Penchala. The world of convenience is real because you will be able to access the great shopping centers like The Curve, Pavilion, One Utama, Tesco and the Sunway Giza Mall. Here are the property developer details:,

Your body and mind will be without stress because there are facilities like the gymnasiums which have the right equipment for working out and burning off your calories. You will have the right avenue for spending quality time with your family from the comfort of the luxurious infinity sky pool. You will also enjoy a chocolate-box view of the surroundings from the lounge at the poolside area.

It is wise to appreciate the people who surround you once in a while. You will have a better manner to foster great relationships with your friends, staff, business partners and clients through holding get-togethers on the sky terraces. You will enjoy the view of breathtaking skylines of the city.

At times, basking in the beauty of nature will renew your personal inspiration. The beauty of the clear and crisp air plus the landscaped gardens will provide you with a new sense of rejuvenation. There are great outdoors that will make your beloved ones to feel a step towards nature. You will have enough quality time with your family before getting back to your office for work.

Rencana Royale TTDI provides not only luxurious suites for working comfort but also contemporary and spacious suites for availing the desired convenience in the city. These suites have astounding sky views for inspiring you towards making a step towards the future. Your business will have an opportunity to create endless possibilities.


With all these offers from a single development, you will have an opportunity to embrace the exclusivity and privacy of working and doing business. Your dining and shopping experience will be exhilarating as you will just go to the nearby malls like the Sunway Giza Mall and One Utama for the same.

You will also be able to get suites that are split-leveled for separating working environments and relaxing chambers. There are ample spaces and tasteful layouts for immersing you into a world of maximum productivity and flow of ideas. You will have a novel dining experience from the restaurants nearby. Visit Rencana Royale TTDI or the discussion.